HW10 due 10/21 (10/22 for 10G): The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–Complete the text. This week your annotations will be collected and graded.
2: Goodreads
3. Vocab Quiz on Wednesday!
4. Personal Vocab: You should now have 20 words in your personal vocab section! By the end of next week, you should have 25. Remember, vocab sections should not be typed.
5. The UNC Conclusion printout should be in your binder as all printouts should be. We will get to that in the new week.

HW10 due 10/18 (English 10G only)

1. The Bell Jar–read and annotate Chapter 17

HW10 due 10/17: The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapters 15 and 16.  Be sure your annotations focus on sections of the novel that you would like to share with the class during class discussion. As always, I am most interested in why you think your chosen sections are critical.

2. UNC Conclusions–Be sure to print out and read the printout on conclusions. You should have this in class on Thursday.

3. Class vocab list–You simply have to print this out for Thursday.

4. You should have 20 Vocab Words in your personal vocab section by the end of this week.

HW 10 due 10/15

1. Second drafts are due on Tuesday. On Tuesday I am collecting the edited first and the final second drafts.

2. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapter 13 and 14.

3. Note: Now, with my newfangled iPhone app (cool) I am able to better stay on top of classroom management. So, it is important that you know that every time you come to class without your book, or without reading responses, etc., you are held accountable and this is reflected in your participation grade.  On the positive side, you are rewarded for being actively involved and taking risks…rewarded with extra credit. So, if you ever want to see your “student card” in the app, let me know.

4. Most importantly, have a wonderful long weekend!

HW10 due 10/10 (10/11 for 10G)

1. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapter 12. There will be a quiz to begin class.

2. Goodreads

3. Thoroughly edit your peer’s essay paying particular attention to the points of focus. Remember, you will be graded on your editing job. Be sure to give constructive feedback (Meaning simply pointing out problems is not good enough. Offer up suggestions for improvement).