HW10 due 2/25: The Alchemist Essay

1. The Alchemist Essay (2 pages)–First Draft due 2/25 for both classes.  Be sure to print out and read the rubric closely. Note about the rubric: The presentation category on the rubric actually includes issues of grammar and style. Remember, for this essay, the first draft is followed by your FINAL DRAFT which will be graded by me. That grade will be final (unlike previous essays which afforded you a third draft). So, it is imperative that your first draft be an excellent draft. Among other things, do not neglect the little things!

2. While you do have an essay due on Tuesday, you can still see to it that you have a wonderful break! Reality is as you perceive it to be…so perceive it to be wonderful and it will be! Shout Outs–E, Z, HC, JS, SD, AL, RM, SB, KD, SD, HS, EN, JT, ABC, LMNOP!!!

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HW10 due 2/11 (2/12 for 10G): The Alchemist

1. Complete The Alchemist–For the sake of tomorrow’s discussion keep in mind the two videos played today.
2. Two thesis statements due Wednesday (In text/Out of text). As I hope you remember, I am most interested in the process. Also, remember this is a two page essay.

As I said in class, if you put thought into your question posted this weekend, you should be able to use it or some variation of it for your thesis and subsequent essay. Examples of thoughtful questions that lend themselves to focused discussions of this text:

  • In remembering the beginning of the Alchemist there is a short story about a character named Narcissus. Since everything in the book is so carefully crafted in order to support the greater themes and lessons, how does the story of Narcissus relate to the broader message of The Alchemist?
  • What does Paulo Coelho hope to convey through the personification of Santiago’s heart?
  • How does alchemy/the alchemist help to shape the novel’s theme?

3. Remember, this week is random acts of kindness week!
4. UPDATE: A family member literally just posted this Alchemist quotation on Facebook: “
There is only one way to learn; it’s through action.”  Coincidence? Or the soul of the world at play…?

HW10 due 2/10 (2/11 for 10G): The Alchemist

1. The Alchemist–read and annotate up to p. 142. Keep in mind that we will begin the essay process for his novel this coming week, so annotate accordingly–focused annotations.
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English 10 Note: Goodreads (Due 2/4)

Hello folks! I hope everyone is enjoying their PBA week/break. Really cool seeing you guys in passing the past few days… (Shout outs to Esmerelda, Gracie, Jordan, Sabrina, and Cameron/Gavin–although you failed miserably at the let’s ignore Mr. Leon game…)

Anyway, the first Goodreads prompt of the second term has been posted. Ensure that it is posted by midnight Monday night. Remember to read up to p. 82 in the novel! Take care…

10G/H Reminders and HW

Monday, January 27th
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