HW10 due 2/25: The Alchemist Essay

1. The Alchemist Essay (2 pages)–First Draft due 2/25 for both classes.  Be sure to print out and read the rubric closely. Note about the rubric: The presentation category on the rubric actually includes issues of grammar and style. Remember, for this essay, the first draft is followed by your FINAL DRAFT which will be graded by me. That grade will be final (unlike previous essays which afforded you a third draft). So, it is imperative that your first draft be an excellent draft. Among other things, do not neglect the little things!

2. While you do have an essay due on Tuesday, you can still see to it that you have a wonderful break! Reality is as you perceive it to be…so perceive it to be wonderful and it will be! Shout Outs–E, Z, HC, JS, SD, AL, RM, SB, KD, SD, HS, EN, JT, ABC, LMNOP!!!

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HW10 Due 12/16 (12/17 for 10G): Slaughterhouse Five

1. Slaughterhouse Five–Read and annotate up to p. 107
2. Goodreads–Remember to bring a printed copy to class.

3. Vocab Quiz–Wednesday, 12/18 for both classes
4. 1984 Essay (4-5 pages)–Final draft due 12/19 for both classes. You must also turn in your peer-edited first draft. Be sure to print out and read the rubric closely. Note about the rubric: The presentation category on the rubric actually includes issues of grammar and style. Finally, waiting until Wednesday night to fine tune your essay is a recipe for failure. [Read more…]

HW10 due 12/9 (12/10 for 10G): SH5

1. SH5–Read and annotate the rest of Chapter 2.
2. 1984 Essay–Complete first draft due Wednesday. Remember, the stronger the first draft the stronger the second. Pay attention to how your topic sentences are working in concert to develop the thesis. You should not have any orphan paragraphs, sitting all alone removed from the rest of the discussion. So, focus on cohesion between paragraphs. More details to come this evening… Also, get most of your essay done this weekend, because there will be two forum responses on SH5 in the coming week.
3. Alanis Morissette Project–Print out and read the lyrics to the song Ironic. In preparation for the project, this weekend you are to either work with the situations in the song (i.e. the lottery winner, black fly, cigarette break, etc) and rewrite them so they ARE ironic or write your own fresh situations. You are to write THREE situations! Be thoughtful and creative.

HW10 due 12/5 (12/6 for 10G): Slaughterhouse Five

1. 1984 Essay–You should bring in your topic sentences tomorrow. Remember, the topic sentences should each have an observation and an assertion. Additionally, they should work in concert to develop your thesis. Meaning, one topic should logically connect to the other. I expect typed topic sentences as well as THE PROCESS (handwritten).
2. Slaughterhouse Five–Tonight, we will take a wee look into the narrative in Chapter Two. So, read up to page 33. Tomorrow, among other things, I want to know what you are annotating as you read. Get ready for Billy!
3. Extra Credit posted soon!