HW due 11/18: Orwell Research and Art as Social Commentary Project

1. George Orwell–Research and take thorough notes on our author focusing on aspects of his life that are critical to his writing (i.e. political/historical details).

2. Details on the Art as Social Commentary Project will be posted soon!

3. Actually, no reading tonight!



Art as Social Commentary Project

Art as Social Commentary

 George Orwell uses the novel as a means to communicate his critical view of political and social paradigms of the mid 20th Century. As I am sure you are aware, he felt strongly about his critique of totalitarianism in general and Stalin’s Soviet Union in particular. [Read more…]

HW10 due 11/18 (11/19 for 10G): 1984 and More…

1. 1984–Complete Part II and read Chapter 1 of Part III.
2. Goodreads [Read more…]

HW10 due 11/12: 1984 and More…

1. 1984–Read and annotate through p. 184. At this point, your annotating should be more focused. You must decide the controlling focus. For instance, you can track (or continue to track) how Orwell develops the subject of dehumanization, or how Orwell uses Julie’s character and why he uses her that way, or how Orwell manipulates the development of Winston’s character and why, etc.  Remember, we ultimately will write an essay on 1984 so begin the intellectual preparation now.  Additionally, in this weekend’s reading pay attention to the paperweight, O’Brien, dreams, and confessions/feelings (among other things). [Read more…]

HW10 due 11/7 (11/8 for 10G): 1984

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapters IV and V.
2. Art as Social Commentary Project–The due date for the Sources and Precis has been changed (see below). I want to give you every chance to be successful with this project. Understanding that the sources and précis are to work in concert solidifying your knowledge on the subject, thoughtfully choose your sources and choose sources from legitimate web sites (avoid wiki links, joe schmoe’s blog, joe schmoe and his cronie’s website, etc.).  So, your source should come from a credible site (per our discussion today).  Further, remember that your précis represents your source in miniature (the ratio 4 sources page to 1 précis page).  The précis should be single-spaced with the first line capturing the author’s name, title of the source, and the thesis of the source. The organization should mirror the organization of ideas in the source.

Due dates:

  • Nov. 12–Final three sources with precis for each source. (Total of five sources and five précis) I strongly encourage many of you to redo your précis or come to tutoring if you have questions (as many of you have already done).
  • Nov. 12–”Blueprint” for your art project. The blueprint is essentially a sketch of your art project.
  • Nov. 18–Final Art as Social Commentary project due!
    * All stages of this project will be graded and count toward the project/essay grade. The final project itself will count for 300 total points. Be sure you also read the project description sheet very closely!