HW10 due 11/25 (11/26 for 10G): 1984 and Thesis

1. 1984–Complete the novel! I hope your annotating game is strong.
2. Essay–You have had two opportunities to gather your thoughts around various Points of Analysis combinations. This weekend, working with the points of analysis that you already written about (forum response and in-class writing activity) or new ones (now that you are finished with the novel), you are to come up with TWO compelling ARGUMENTS (One argument with an in-text so what and one with an out-of-text so what). [Read more…]

HW10 due 11/19 (11/20 for 10G): 1984

1. 1984–Read Chapter II of Part III.

HW10 due 11/18 (11/19 for 10G): 1984 and More…

1. 1984–Complete Part II and read Chapter 1 of Part III.
2. Goodreads [Read more…]

HW10 due 11/14: 1984

1. 1984-Complete Goldstein’s book (through p. 217). Please be ready to discuss it in terms of the literature and please be prepared to make connections where relevant to our world.
2. Using the last five vocab words, write a complex sentence using each word for a total of five words.

HW10 due 11/13: 1984

1. 1984–Read up to page 201.  This section of the novel is a narrative shift for Orwell. He steps away from the traditional narrative to introduce a couple of Chapters from Goldstein’s Book. Tonight you are reading War is Peace. This reads as nonfiction and may be difficult for some of you but I want you to consider why Orwell would abandon his narrative (just as it was getting good) to introduce the book. Also, I would like you to think about any connections to our world as you.
2. Vocab–Using the first 5 words on the class vocab list, write three active voice sentences and two passive voice sentences. Use your peers in your sentences that require a “human player.” Don’t be a meanie though! 🙂