English Binder (with dividers)—Your English Binder should have FOUR sections:

  • Notes
  • Handouts
  • Printed Reading Responses (RR)
  • Vocab (V)

Your binder is the equivalent of your growing textbook over the course of the year.  You should keep the binder organized! Each page of the Notes Section should be dated and titled clearly reflecting the day’s subject matter.  Handouts should be chronologically ordered in the handout section of your binder.  Your typewritten reading responses should include class heading and title.  In your V section (we will talk more about this later), you should number each entry.  I should be able to quickly turn through your binder and get a clear sense of what you have been doing in English this year.  Your binder will be checked to ensure proper note taking as well as proper organization. This will be part of your classwork grade.

Ream of Copy Paper (500 count)—Budget cuts have made teaching even more difficult as basic supplies are in short supply or, as is the case with copy paper, nonexistent.  So your paper donation would be greatly appreciated!

Pens—Use whatever color you like for regular note taking.  Red (or any other “lively” color) for editing.

2 FoldersOne folder will be your writing project folder (holding all drafts including the final draft). This year you will be receiving a grade for the writing process and the final draft.   Second folder will be for graded work.

Post-its— Always a helpful way to keep your thoughts together and to document any questions you may have for class.

An open mind

Books—I will ask your parents to purchase a couple of texts this year, so please visit the sites below for great prices on used copies.

  • Websites for used books: (great site!)

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