HW12G due 2/13: Lady Lazarus and a Tercet

1. Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath–Read and annotate! (Print out of course)
2. Villanelle Tercet–Write the first tercet of your villanelle! BUT, first you must decide on the subject for your villanelle. Then…the tercet! The first tercet may just be the most important as two of the three lines of verse are repeated throughout the villanelle.  Remember, the rhyme scheme! Also, choose a number of syllables per line of verse and stick to that number throughout your villanelle. So, choose wisely; in choosing, think about how you want the poem to sound. The villanelle and confessional poem that you write over the break will be the first two poems in your poetry portfolio.
3. Over the break, please purchase Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Rilke

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