HW12D due 9/28: Continuing Our Focus on Sound

We will continue to share our poems at the beginning of class. The two students who spoke to me about sharing at the beginning of class should confirm with me soon. 

1. Hello folks! You must have the following printed out and in your Poetry Seminar folder:

All three documents above are critical for a technical understanding of poetry. Be sure to have all three with you on Monday. For MondayREAD the handout entitled poetry explications, paying particular attention to the section on meter.

2. Print out and annotate the following two poems. Focus your annotations on sound (meter and rhyme) and theme!

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas

3. Rhyming exercise–Discover as many rhymes as you can for the word girl (masculine rhyme) and for the word martyr (feminine rhyme). Masculine and Feminine rhyme is defined in the fundamentals of poetry handout. Then, wander your house/apt (or anywhere for that matter…just wander) and write down as some of the things that you see, smell, or hear. They can be nouns, processes, actions, or deeds. If you are in a cafe you might write down: smoking, steam, raincoat, sipping, jazz music, etc.  Write at least 10 words! Once you have done that, settle down and see how many rhymes you can come up with for each word.

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