HW12G due 2/23: Confessional Poem and Villanelle

1. Confessional Poem! Free verse… No length requirement…

2. Villanelle–Unlike the confessional poem, this is a fixed form poem! You must closely follow the form requirements of the villanelle. Including:

  • 19 lines of verse (5 tercets and 1 quatrain)
  • Rhyme scheme
  • Set number of syllables/beats per line (you choose a number and stick to it)
  • Don’t forget the refrains! The fist and third line of verse repeat throughout and follow a specific pattern.

Additionally, for both poems I would like to see you practice with some of the elements of poetry we have discussed in class: alliteration, assonance, consonance, caesura, end stop, enjambment. Further, poetry is a celebration of the “painterly” nature of writing using image and various tropes (i.e. metaphor, symbolism, etc). Let’s see that as well in your poetry…

3. Letters to a Young Poet–We will begin reading when we return, so please have your copy upon your return.


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