HW12, Due 9/24 (9/25 for 12F)

1. Friedrich Nietzsche: Print, read and annotate the following sections: Middle, Later, and Final Writings.  Again, this printout should be placed in your binder…

2. The Madman: read and annotate.  This very short reading by Nietzsche is in your packet at about the halfway point.

3. Goodreads Discussion: In your class thread discuss Nietzsche’s argument in The Madman (connect your discussion to at least one other text read this term).  200 words…as with all, reading responses, present your discussion in an organized paragraph using words and sentences wisely (no filler, all substantive sentences).  This is a short response, so be pithy.  Remember, you must always bring your responses into class the next day.

4. The Stranger begins this week!

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