HW12 due 11/7: Nausea Thesis and Extra Credit

1. Thesis–Your Nausea thesis must be posted by midnight tonight. You will be able to revise this thesis as we move ahead.
2. EXTRA CREDIT! This is a creative VISUAL extra credit assignment.  This image or series of images should tell a story (a story that is connected to one of the themes below).  Each image should include a pithy existential narrative no more than 50 words in length (preferably closer to 30). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTACH THIS “BLURB” TO THE IMAGE ITSELF.  This existential narrative should not be a description of your project; rather, it should be a written creative expression of your visual. Think of it as a brief fictional narrative capturing the essence of your creative piece.

If you think of all that we have read and discussed thus far and consider the scope of your theme, you can really get funky with this assignment!   Your visual must capture the essence of your theme!  The color of absence of color in the image is completely up to you.  All creative decisions are yours!  Just capture one of the existential themes below!  Feel free to connect your visual to a text read thus far in the term if you would like. The final submission will be scored based upon creative ingenuity and thematic relevance! Here you will see a sampling of past creative visuals submitted for this course. DUE NOVEMBER TOMORROW! 

The Individual in industrialized society
Faith and Existentialism (Anguish and Fear)
Atheistic Existentialism (Nothingness, despair, and suffering)
Authenticity and Bad Faith
Alienation and Absurdity
Personal Freedom (Individual Subjectivity)
Death and existence

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