HW12 Due 11/18: Nausea and More…

1. Nausea Essay–This weekend you will begin laying the foundation for your essay (including thesis, relevant evidence, and relevant philosophical sources). You should do the following this weekend:

  • You should type out your thesis (but I also want to see your handwritten thesis process as well), the relevant illuminating evidence and your rationale for why you are using the philosophical sources.  Consider the following questions representing the two parts of your thesis:
    1. Your thesis’ argument–What is Sartre stating about the human condition (There are multiple possible answers to this question)? In answering this question, brainstorm a list of possible answers. Consider how these answers may be related to one another. This ultimately becomes your argument.
    2. Now consider HOW Sartre develops that commentary on the human condition. How does he communicate that message (i.e. Chestnut Tree, Self-Taught Man, absurdity, etc)? The answer(s) to this question will reflect your point(s) of analysis. In answering the HOW, you should choose the evidence you will use to illuminate your argument.
  • For this essay you must use skillfully use two philosophical sources (ONE THAT WE HAVE READ TOGETHER AND ONE SOURCE THAT WE HAVE NOT NOR WILL WE READ TOGETHER). Just as The Stranger essay, here, Nausea is the focus of the analysis. The philosophical sources are meant to help shape the discussion. So, choose your two sources (You must choose specific sources. Simply saying that I plan to use Schopenhauer and Heidegger is not good enough.  What essays/sources will you use?)

2. Self-Evaluations–For groups who have presented already, you should turn in a typed, detailed self-evaluation. Your individual grade will be affected by your self-evaluation.
3. Goodreads (due by Midnight Sunday)

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