HW12 due 10/24: Nausea

1. Nausea–read and annotate up to p. 58
2. Goodreads
3. Existential NYC, A Photo Narrative–For this creative group project you must work with your group and with your group’s theme (i.e. alienation and absurdity, faith and existentialism, etc.)  Capture an image (no larger than 8×10) that reflects your theme!  Keep in mind that this is a photo narrative, so each group member should capture an image of our subject (NYC) for a total of 4 or 5 images (depending on how many members are in your group). The series of images should work in concert to tell a story (again, a story that is connected to your theme).  Each image should include a pithy existential narrative no more than 50 words in length (preferably closer to 30). If you think of all that we have read and discussed thus far and consider the scope of your theme, you can really get funky with this assignment!  Think of how you can use the city in the image.  Think of how you can use people in the assignment (although you don’t necessarily have to use people in the assignment). Your image must capture the essence of your group’s theme!  Post production is fine! The color of absence of color in the image is completely up to you.  All creative decisions are yours!  Just capture Existential NYC!  The final submission will be scored based upon creative ingenuity and thematic relevance! DUE NOVEMBER 8!
4. Group Presentations–Stay on top of things! Next week’s groups should check in with me tomorrow.

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