HW10 due 5/26: Ivan Ilyich Thesis, Detailed Outline, and Godot

1. PBA Thesis and Detailed Outline–Latest version of your thesis due (typed)!

Also, you should have your TYPED DETAILED outlines ready for peer review. Keep in mind the page requirement for this essay (4-5 pages for 10E and 10H; 3-4 pages for 10B). The extra page for 10E and 10H accommodates for outside research. While I am not expecting your introductions and conclusions Tuesday, I am expecting a detailed breakdown of each body paragraph including:

  • topic sentence
  • evidence
  • ANALYSIS OF EVIDENCE (very important)

Format your detailed outline in this way:

I. Thesis

II. Topic Sentence #1
A. Evidence #1
1. Discuss the evidence in 2-4 sentences

III. And so on…

While the sample outline above indicates one piece of evidence, you may use more if NECESSARY to develop your point.

2. Waiting for Godot (10E and 10H only)–Read and annotate up to p. 28!

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