HW10, Due 9/24 (9/25 for 10G): Lady Lazarus

1. You will read and explicate two Sylvia Plath Poems over the next couple of days.  Tonight, we read and explicate Lady Lazarus.  Be sure to print out this poem and bring it to class.  Explicate the poem on the printed page.  More than any author thus far, the writer’s life (context) is key to fully understanding her work.

2. Revise your paragraph for tomorrow’s final submission.

3. The first draft of your confessional poem is due next Monday, 9/30 (Tuesday, 10/1 for 10G).

4. Thesis statements (short story essay) are due next Monday, 9/30 as well (Tuesday, 10/1 for 10G).

5. (For 10H only) Five things you know to be true!

6. The work load picks up a bit here so it is essential that you manage your time wisely and take advantage of tutoring (especially for all things related to essay writing).

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