HW10 due 6/8: PBA Essay and Much Much More!

As you put the finishing touches on your PBA, here are two great links to help you with your works cited (Only for 10E and 10H):

Purdue OWL–The link will take you to works cited basic info but if you look in the left column, you will find helpful information for different types of sources.
EasyBib–If used thoughtfully, this site will do much of the work for you.

1. Waiting for Godot–Complete the play by Tuesday!
2. PBA Essay–Final drafts due Monday!

General Formatting (PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL):

  • Double-spaced; size 12 font; Times New Roman or similar
  • .75 margins on both left and right sides. Justify margin. Indentations– .5” or 1 tab space.
  • All pages beyond the first page should be numbered.  Page numbers should be placed at the bottom right of each page.
  • No Cover Page.  Include name, class, and date (Single space the heading)
  • Be sure TITLE reflects the theme of the essay (for instance, 1984: Hierarchical Hegemony)
  • Include Title, Author, and General Theme of work in first paragraph of essay…For Example—Jean Paul Sartre’s Nausea
  • Follow MLA guidelines

Order of Arrangement:

  • Final Draft on top. Staple.
  • 1st Draft—with significant corrections made + name of reader

3. PBA presentations–Expectations for your 15-20 minute presentation:

The meeting will last for 15-20 minutes. The first 2-4 minutes belong to you. TAKE ME BEHIND THE SCENES OF YOUR ESSAY.

While it is interesting to hear you discuss your thesis and your development of the argument, I am more interested in the thought process behind the essay.  So organize your presentation in this fashion:

* Open with your thesis.

* Then, a little flashback.  Take us through the thought process that led to that argument.  Why did you choose those sources?  How do they help in the development of your argument? Why that argument? What were some of the challenges along the way?  Etc.  All throughout, I expect you to demonstrate great control of the material. (most of the time should be spent here)

As you are articulating the hows and whys of your argument (i.e. why this argument, how you proved your argument), feel free to include any last minute points that you would have included had you more time. While you should prepare your notes/note cards for the meeting, I don’t want you reading to me. The notes/note cards are there to show me that you have prepared for the meeting and they are there as a last resort reminder.

* During the remaining time, I and your second assessor will ask you a series of questions. During this time we might:

  • Challenge an assertion
  • Question your use of evidence. Ask questions if you don’t understand how the evidence is being used.
  • Ask that you clarify a point
  • Ask questions about the development of your thesis
  • Present counter arguments
  • Ask questions about your source material
  • Ask questions that give you an opportunity to demonstrate greater depth of control.

4. Below, you will see PBA pairings! For English 10E and 10H, you can use these lists for your Index Cards! Be sure to work out a day/time that will work for you and your partner!

Sophomore PBA Pairs (10E and 10H)

  1. Leyla Aroch/Isabella Reyes
  2. Nahida Begum/Alex McKenna
  3. Sammy Cespedes/Devin Williams
  4. Tracy Chan/Finn Odriscoll
  5. Lily Chen/Nicole Klein
  6. Jabari Cox/Samiha Ahmed
  7. Beatrice Del Negro/Carmela Irato
  8. Jenishma Dhodary/Vera Fishman Resheff
  9. Gabby Diaz Fernandez/Cora Rehm Daly
  10. Thomas Elving/Josue Simon
  11. Emily Estrella/Julian Boland
  12. Edgar Garcia/Alan Derevensky
  13. Neshira Gutierrez/Bianca Bonetti
  14. Tiv Hay-rubin/Sophia Martini
  15. Teo Hedigan/Marion Panepento
  16. Samantha Hochstat/Chyenne Baptiste
  17. Natalie Leclerc/Aran Parnagian
  18. Arya Martinez/Ruby Rayner Haselkor
  19. Adam Mehmetaj/Somaia Mahjabin
  20. Hugo Moulin/Michael Rivera
  21. Anya Schwartz/Stella Bernstein
  22. Carlos Penzo/Emma Edney
  23. William Quizhpi/Malcolm Hagerty
  24. Abby Stanick/Sidney Rojas
  25. Shira Saar/Noah Bootz
  26. Dolcinea Ulloa/Junior Cabrera
  27. Gabriela Ovalles/Raina Von Serneck
  28. Selena Martinez/Maribel Hernandez
  29. Nicholas Plaza/Emiliano Bogdanos
  30. Harris Nadelman/Isabel Shriver
  31. Diana Romero/Falyn Spindel/Eduardo Vero
  32. Sarah Perez/George Rivas/Asia Rosado

English 10B PBA Pairs

  1. Vanessa Tiek/ Taliyah Holder/Briana Jimenez
  2. Beatrice Kilkellyschmidt/Kenton Kim/Katherine Ogando
  3. Aneesah Ayub/Yacine Fall/Thea Zalabak
  4. Jaylene Ynfante/Leah Volman Schewebel/Amna Syed
  5. Jenifcer Sinchi/Diana Olivo/Rachel Ryan
  6. Rosie Vasen/Camille Guo/Clara Greider
  7. Laura Berisha/Obadiah Bobb/Niko Borrero Garcia
  8. Alma Bradley/Adrian Costa/Jeremy Goldstein
  9. Fanta Diarrassouba/Victoria Myszkowski
  10. Grace Tidwell/Naava Guaraca
  11. Erybel Gomez/Rebecca Goterre/William Liotti
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