HW10 due 3/24: Siddhartha and Mandala

1. Siddhartha–Read and annotate Samsara.
2. Be sure you are familiar with the Siddhartha glossary.
3. (Due 3/30)
The Final Mandala will be worth 100 points and count as a project/essay grade. As we grade the final Mandalas, we will keep the following in mind (so too should you):

  • Your base structure of your mandala should be a series of geometric shapes. The primary, and largest, shape must be a geometric shape.  Within there must be an arrangement of smaller geometric shapes.
  • All geometric shapes must be PRECISE. The craftsmanship in general should be precise.
  • The Mandala should use colors meaningfully. Meaning, you should be able to explain why you chose the colors you chose.
  • All visuals beyond the base structure should be purposeful and powerful. Meaning, there should be a rationale for everything present in your Mandala and that rationale should be of great significance to you. Further, the images should be aesthetically pleasing in presentation.
  • The Mandala should reflect great creative effort!
  • The Mandala should reflect great overall effort!
  • The Mandala should reflect you!

4. Essay Assessment–We will continue our essay evaluation tomorrow. Remember, I am not looking for broad, sweeping statements about the essay. I want us to demonstrate nuanced control of the essay and in doing so we are able to very clearly and specifically illustrate our thoughts on the essay.

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