HW10 due 2/9: SH5 Thesis Process/Thesis

1. Slaughterhouse Five–This weekend revisit your class forum and choose one of the posted questions that you think will lead to a compelling thesis. So, you can choose any question and use that question. Feel free to tweak any question to your liking. After you have chosen a question, develop an answer to that question. Ultimately, your answer should be the root of your thesis, an argument! Think about parts of the novel that will be necessary to answering the question. These parts (i.e. devices, elements) become your points of analysis.

So, on Monday here’s exactly what I want to see:

  • On one sheet of paper, your typed question  followed by a thesis statement (that would be a response to that question).
  • On another sheet of paper, the handwritten process that led you to your thesis.

2. We begin The Alchemist on Monday!

3. Review your class vocabulary!

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