HW10 due 2/4: Slaughterhouse Five and More

1. Writing Workshop–In preparation for your SH5 thesis, craft a discussion question whose answer would be a thesis. Remember, begin this process by choosing a subject to focus your question on (think of the examples from the end of class). A sample question:

It has been suggested that Vonnegut uses supporting characters (i.e. Edgar Derby, Paul Lazarro, and Roland Weary) to portray the modern American psychological paradigm. Further, this paradigm creates the socio/political atmosphere necessary to fuel the war machine. How do the supporting characters in V’s SH5 help to shape the 20th Century American mindset necessary to the war effort? (This question is clearly focused on the subject of V’s use of supporting characters)

I want to see the process leading up to your question! Keep your chosen evidence in mind (homework from last week) when crafting your question.

2. Class Forum–1984 Skeleton Essay

2. Class Vocab–Print out and have in class on Tuesday.

3. The Alchemist–This is the translation of The Alchemist that we will use if you are interested in buying your own copy.


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