HW10 due 1/9: Slaughterhouse Five Presentations

1. Slaughterhouse Five Presentations–At the end of class today, you were to assign your own homework in preparation for tomorrow’s presentations. Remember, you must open your presentation with an assertion (write it on the board). Then, you must develop that assertion providing your insight illuminated by evidence from your assigned chapter. Key point: you must demonstrate holistic control of the novel by connecting your discussion to other elements/devices in the text (i.e. connecting your chapter-specific observation to a theme developed at other points within the novel). Presentations should be 10 minutes long and should be well-organized, insightful, and meaningful.
2. Remember, your term final prospectus (satire/parody project) is due on Monday.

A Look Ahead: You must complete Slaughterhouse Five by Monday (Tuesday for 10G).

*We will begin The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho next week, so feel free to buy your own copy if you would rather write in the novel.

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