HW10 due 12/22: Slaughterhouse Five and 1984 Theses

1. Slaughterhouse Five–Read and annotate Chapter One! Get ready for a wild literary ride!
2. 1984 Thesis
–You have had opportunities to gather your thoughts around various Points of Analysis combinations. This weekend, working with the points of analysis that you already written about or new ones (now that you are finished with the novel), you are to come up with TWO compelling thesis statements. Below you will see two examples, one with an in-text so what and one with an out-of-text so what. Don’t worry so much about whether your so what is in or out of text (we will talk more about that in the new week).


  • In-Text: In 1984, George Orwell’s juxtaposition of the Prole Woman with Julia creates the internal, ethical conflict necessary for Winston’s final betrayal and his subsequent love of Big Brother.
  • Out-of-Text: In 1984, the Party’s reliance on mental, emotional, and intellectual manipulation within the outer party as opposed to the Proles leads to the self-deception necessary for the inherently dehumanized nature of historical hierarchical societies.

Both thesis statements SHOULD BE TYPED.  HOWEVER, I am most interested in the PROCESS leading up to each thesis. So, I expect you to bring in the process for each. That process should reflect great effort and thought. Again, bring in the HANDWRITTEN process as well. Remember, we want to have a rocking thesis by Wednesday so we have nothing to fret over during the upcoming break.


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