HW10 due 12/18: Thesis Prep

1. Today, we brainstormed a list of possible points of analysis for 1984. Working with that list (and any other points of analysis you may think of tonight), imagine ways in which multiple (2 or 3) points of analysis from the list may be connected.

For instance, one may connect flashbacks, dreams, and Winston’s characterization. How? There must be a rationale for bringing these three points of analysis together. In this case, one may see that through dreams and flashbacks one gets a sense of Winston’s former humanity and desire for a “rehumanization.” Yet, when juxtaposed with his developing and ultimately regressed characterization, one then sees the significance of dreams and memories in defining his personal values and consequent humanization.

The above is a sample rationale for that grouping. You must create three combinations tonight, each with a rationale articulating why you group the points of analysis. This should be done in your binder.

2. Make sure you turn in The Bell Jar tomorrow (be sure to remove post its).

3. Finally, you should be ready to discuss Vonnegut and the bombing of Dresden.

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