HW10 due 12/15: Art as Social Commentary

1. Your Projects are Due!  In grading the visual bit I am expecting to see the product of deep thought (thematic understanding), extraordinary effort, and creative effort.

Keep in mind the following will be considered when assessing these:

  1. Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing)
  2. The project should be informed by your research. It should reflect knowledge and understanding.
  3. Project is thoughtful (The visual should be so thoughtfully and carefully created so as to carry your commentary/message.)
  4. Project is well-designed/executed
  5. Project reflects exceptional effort.

In short, your project should be one that you will be proud to share with the class!!!

2. Essay Final Drafts are due on Tuesday! VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST TURN IN THE GRADED SECOND DRAFT WITH YOUR FINAL DRAFT! I will not grade your final draft without the graded second draft.

3. UNC Writing Center–Print out and read the sections on Introductions and Conclusions (for Wednesday).

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