HW10 due 11/24: 1984 and ASC

  1. 1984—Read and annotate through p. 184. At this point, your annotating should be more focused. You must decide the controlling focus. For instance, you can track (or continue to track) how Orwell develops the subject of dehumanization, or how Orwell uses Julie’s character and why he uses her that way, or how Orwell manipulates the development of Winston’s character and why, etc.  Remember, we ultimately will write an essay on 1984 so begin the intellectual preparation now.  Additionally, in this weekend’s reading pay attention to the paperweight, O’Brien, dreams, and confessions/feelings (among other things).
  2. ASC—You must print out your three sources and bring them into class on Monday. Remember, the précis are due on Wednesday.
  3. Vocab Quiz on Monday.
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