HW due 6/8: PBA and More

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1. First Drafts are due Tomorrow! These must be completed first drafts (4-5 pages) to receive full credit. Keep in mind, the better the first draft, the better the final draft (of course the reverse holds true as well) PBA–Keep in Mind: What is your frame of reference (This is the context within which you place the two things you plan to compare and contrast; it is the umbrella under which you have grouped them.)? What are your grounds for comparison (The rationale behind your choice of frame of reference)? What key literary element(s) do the authors use in order to convey the theme? How is the authors’ treatment of theme different/similar? How do the two novels compare/contrast in terms of how they convey the role of the individual in society? Why do they have similar and/or different views on this topic? In what light is society portrayed in both texts? How do the novels treat the theme of morality? How do the protagonists respond to their environments? How do the texts differ in their depiction of the human will to survive?

Possible Literary Elements (this is not an exhaustive list):
Language (figurative language, dialect, etc.)
Point of view
Cultural context (i.e., time period in which it was written, author’s background, etc.)

General Requirements:

  • 4-5 pages
  • Comparative or Critical Lens/Comparative

General Formatting:

  • Double-spaced; size 12 font; Times New Roman or similar
  • .75 margins on both left and right sides. Indentations– .5” or 1 tab space.
  • All pages beyond the first page should be numbered. Page numbers should be placed at the bottom right of each page.
  • No Cover Page. Include name, class/band, and date in upper left-hand corner of first page only
  • Be sure TITLE reflects the theme of the essay.
  • Include Title, Author, and General Theme of work in first paragraph of essay…For Example—Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit
  • Follow MLA guidelines

Order of Arrangement:

  • Final Draft on top. Staple or fasten with a paperclip.
  • 1st Draft—with significant corrections made + name and signature of reader
  • Thesis and thesis process

Avoid the Following:

  • Avoid Pronouns: I, it, you, me, we, us
  • Avoid Troublesome language. DO NOT USE ANY of the following words: it, these, this, those, kind of, almost, seems, maybe, like, then, later, eventually, basically, so, many, a lot, things, due to the fact (or any variations of the fact that), in reality, very, really, forms of the verb “to be”
  • In the intro, nix all book-review commentary—i.e. “is fascinating, interesting…”
  • Be extremely careful with your use of all words…yet, for these words in particular, don’t think they are cheap: Truth, Beauty, Love, Nature, Reality

Keys to Good Writing:

  • Cohesion—Every sentence fits together; paragraphs flow smoothly. Ensure that the entire discussion comes together as one unified discussion of your text and its context.
  • Concision—Less is more. Use fewer words to explain yourself. Begin fusing sentences by merging ideas into tightly knit phrases.
  • Precision—Accuracy. Use words that accurately capture what you mean. Don’t settle for words or expressions that come close.
  • Coherence—Does your essay make sense? Are your ideas organized in a logical sequence? Do you prove your thesis? Do the parts contain the essence of the whole?

2. Index cards…One index card per student! Remember, do not write your name on the index card; only write the name of each student on the back. Class Lists: 

English 10A

Basilashvili, Ketevan
Bayona, Rebecca
Bonfils, Cameron
Callahan, Megan
Cantalupo, Paige
Celi, Louis
Dietsche, Ewan
Drakhler, Daniela
Ellison, Sydney
Farhad, Abdullah Al
Froelich, John
Goldman, Willa
Hanesworth, Ana
Hines, Zhiyah
Jainschigg, Larkin
Joachimsthaler, Julian
Ketly Bulatovic, Yasmina
Kozi, Britney
Levine, Felix
Lieberman, Eli
Mascuch, Paula
Ohotin, Maximilian
Pace, Sofia
Phillips, Nico
Quizhpe, Melissa
Ribeiro, Damion
Rosa, Leah
Sagar, Karun
Shukurova, Madina
Toussaint, Patricia
Vettori, Anna
Weber, Hope

English 10C

Ahmed, Nushrath
Amraoui, Adam
Chisholm, Zanele
Clarke, Elijah
Diaz, Lesley
Fernandez, Kiara
Figueroa Hepner, Diego
Francis, Mei Li
Fritz, Pauline
Gilbert, William
Goldhagen, Gideon
Hanesworth, Isabella
Hill, Jeanne
Hosain, Ameer
Jacques, Adam
Keita, Mariam
Koizumi, San Simeon
Krstovska, Mia
Lo Ng, Madeleine
Loshi, Zana
Lover, Tallulah
Mckenzie, Nikita
Popkin, Matthew
Powell, Sydney
Ramos, Garrett
Rao Herel, Anjali
Singh, Parminder
Sui, Qianying
Teman, Jordan
Thomas, Liam
Vargas, Edilenia
Ventura, Javer
Wang, Sophie
Wilson, Essence

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