HW due 6/8: PBA

1. PBA–Keep in mind that you should bring in a working draft of your essay tomorrow. Looking ahead to your Poetry PBA Portfolio, start thinking about your main opinion, or thesis, about your poet’s work. Some good questions to ask yourself as you read:

  • What themes do you notice in your poet’s work?
  • Where and how do these themes appear?
  • Which poems you’ve read most clearly show these themes?
  • What techniques (poetic devices, style, language, etc.) does this poet use most often, and how do they affect the poems?
  • What effect do they have?  In other words, how do they shape and change your reading of the poems?
  • What tone, or mood do you get from these poems? How do they make you feel?

Take some notes on your answers to these questions, and start coming up with an opinion about your poet’s work. Ultimately, your thesis will include a claim about your poet and his/her work. Again, this claim should be informed by research but more importantly, informed by what you see in the poetry.

Your PBA will include:

  • A 1-2 page mini-bio of your poet.
  • A 5-7 page foreword that introduces and analyzes the work of your poet. In this analysis you should demonstrate great control of your poet’s work. (First draft due June 8th!)
  • The 6 poems (untouched) chosen for this project.
  • Two original poems mirroring your poet’s style.

2. Index cards…One index card per student! Remember, do not write your name on the index card; only write the name of each student on the back. Class Lists: 

Adeyi, Mariam
An, Tae Sung
Bade, Franklin
Barbu, Lilian
Boyd, Tnea
Canning, Victoria
Dabakarov, Sabrina
Eichner, Julie
Giokas, Niki
Gloor, Alexandros
Guglielmo, Roman
Imam, Zahira
Jimenez, Leyla
Keir, Grace
Khaimov, Michelle
Koizumi, Atticus
Larkin Weber, Hunter
Mansky, Francesca
Mcclure, Henry
Michaels, Stephen
Myerson Jain, Nayan
Pennell, Samuel
Perez, Hellen
Pujols, Abrahan
Ramirez Ellin, Samantha
Rincon, Christopher
Rizzuto, Kai
Rosario Fernand, Esmeralda
Russianoff, Natalie
Saavedra, Paola
Simonds, Olivia
Thaler, Rebecca
Wefald, Jamie
Wertimer, Eva
Xhelilaj, Klajdi
Zachary Laskari, Jacob

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