HW due 6/13: PBA

You must either leave your complete PBA packet in my mailbox or leave it in my classroom. It must be dropped off by 3:15 on Monday. REMEMBER: EITHER EMAIL OR HAND DELIVER A COPY OF YOUR ANALYSIS TO YOUR PBA PARTNER BY MONDAY.

MLA Guidelines for Quoting Poetry

1. Your PBA will include (in this order):

  • A 1-2 page mini-bio of your poet.
  • A 5-7 page foreword that introduces and analyzes the work of your poet. In this analysis you should demonstrate great control of your poet’s work.
  • The 6 poems (untouched) chosen for this project.
  • Two original poems mirroring your poet’s style.

General Formatting:

  • Double-spaced; size 12 font; Times New Roman or similar
  • All pages beyond the first page should be numbered.  Page numbers should be placed at the bottom right of each page. Page numbering starts with the mini-bio and goes through the two original poems.
  • No Cover Page.  Include name, class, and date (Single space the heading)
  • Be sure TITLE reflects the theme of the essay

Due the day of your presentation:

  • Index cards or notes showing that you have prepared for your opening 2 minute presentation. During this time you will tell us a little about your poet focusing on his/her life where relevant and style/techniques/themes.
  • Copy of your essay for YOU to refer to during the presentation.
  • Your partner’s essay with your notes/questions written on the essay. Remember, you are to engage your partner in a discussion about his/her poet.

Failure to have any of the above means you are not prepared for your presentation.

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