HW due 5/23: Nausea

1. Nausea–Read and annotate through p. 160.

2. Nausea–complete the novel for Tuesday! Don’t fret! In the new week be prepared to discuss:

  • The epiphany by the chestnut tree (including veneers, being in the way, CONTINGENCY, roots) pp. 126-133
  • Anny (including change and outliving oneself) pp. 137-144
  • Tuesday in Bouville (including being free, outliving myself) pp.156-160
  • The end (Some of These Days) pp. 173-178

So, these are the primary discussion points for the last few days of discussion. But there are so many nuanced bits of philosophical importance scattered throughout. I expect to see that control in your essay. I will post more on the essay later this evening or tomorrow.

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