HW due 3/7: Confessional Poems and More

1. Print, read, and annotate the three poems below:

Two poems by Sylvia Plath:
Lady Lazarus

An intro to the Romantics: John Keats
Ode to a Nightingale

2. Confessional Poems due Thursday! Requirements:

  • Honest and Authentic
  • Free verse is fine
  • You must use stanzaic form
  • Pay attention to sound as you write
  • You must employ “painterly language” and literary devices (i.e. vivid imagery, metaphor, symbolism, motifs, etc)
  • Write from the inside out

3. Group Presentation Dates:

Romanticism  March 17 (We have to meet early this week)

Transcendentalism March 24

Imagism March 31

Harlem Renaissance April 7

Feminism April 14

Black Arts Movement April 21

Beat Poetry May 12

Spoken Word May 19


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