HW due 3/22: The Stranger

1. The Stranger–We have two days to finish discussion of the novel. Tonight, all groups should ensure they are well-prepared for tomorrow’s student-led class discussion. Each group should have a clear, thoughtful discussion question born out of their assigned chapter. Additionally, as you prepare tonight, identify text that is relevant to a discussion of your question (in your assigned chapter and beyond). Further, you should create fitting follow-up questions that will add depth to the discussion. I want to see evidence of your preparation in your binder. If you have nothing in your binder, you have not prepared to lead class discussion and your participation/HW grade will reflect that.

2. (Due ThursdayThus Spoke Zarathustra–Read and annotate this excerpt from Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. The reading is located in the packet. Be advised: it is dense. I would encourage you to read a discourse of two each night. Waiting until Wednesday night may not be a good idea.
3. (Due Monday, 3/28) Carl Jung–Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf is the manifestation of Jungian influence (among other things), so it is imperative that you be familiar with Carl Jung. Research Carl Jung focusing on (but not limiting yourself to) the following: collective unconscious, anima/animus, mother archetype, shadow, complex, ego, self, persona. Additionally, research Carl Jung’s influence on Hermann Hesse. You must take notes in your binder (2 pages). As we read Steppenwolf, you will be expected to make connections to Carl Jung. Here is a good starting point. Let me stress, developing control of Jung is not optional; you are expected to develop control and demonstrate that control when discussing and writing about Steppenwolf.
4. Steppenwolf–If you can, please purchase your own copy. It’s a text that you will want to own (I think). Try and pick it up this weekend as we begin in the new week!

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