HW due 3/22: Siddhartha

1. Siddhartha–Be prepared to discuss the weekend’s reading!
2. E-Media Fast… : Hello all! In the spirit of Siddhartha (and being even more present in our lives and abstaining from elements of the physical world) we begin our e-media fast Thursday at 5pm. Don’t fret though as in a couple of days you can return to our e-world. The fast will be lifted at 7am Monday morning.

Here are the official ground rules for the thirteenth annual E-Media Fast. Starting Thursday at 5:00 PM the challenge begins. The fast will end Monday morning at 7am. You will try to avoid the “benefits” of the following:
• Television (Oh yeah, no movie theaters…)
• Radio
• Computer
• Internet
• Ipod (or any music player)
• Any handheld computer
• Game consoles (xbox, xbox360, Atari 2600, Pong, PS2, Intellivision, ColecoVision, etc.)
• Portable game players
• Cell phones (You may only use your cell phone to talk to your parents—anyone else and you have failed the challenge.)


You may access the computer to take care of all school-related responsibilities.

We are playing by the HONOR CODE. I am operating under the assumption that all of you will be truthful throughout this experience.

I want you to document the entire experience in Sunday in your binder (or you can take a diary-like approach and document the experience in bits and  pieces over the weekend).  I want to know the details of the journey, including the moment(s) when you fail:). If you do fail, do not abandon the challenge. Document the failure and continue on till Monday. Of course, if you cannot bear the “pain”, then GIVE UP…document that too. I look forward to hearing your tales. I am very interested to hear about how you have chosen to spend your time over the extended weekend. By taking on this challenge you have freed up a chunk of time. How will you spend your jellybeans?

I expect everyone to give this challenge a shot. No opting out…

Let me remind you, this is not an exercise in the demonizing of technology. This is an effort to rethink how we spend our time, to become “hyper-aware” of the content of our lives.

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