HW due 3/1:

1.  Schopenhauer, “On the Suffering of the World” and “On the Vanity of Existence.”–Located in the rear of the packet, Schopey Wopey’s essay continues to focus on one of the more common themes of the term. Read and annotate the text. This is a short text so hop to it! As I expect we will quickly grasp his argument, I am more interested in a critical discussion for tomorrow.

2. Class Forum–Tonight you will write one paragraph of ~250. Naturally, Schopenhauer should be woven into this discussion. I also want you to think of another text that would complement one of Schopenhauer’s essays. The topic sentence for your paragraph should articulate how you see the two texts working together to make a point about the human condition. Then, develop that topic quoting both texts. I expect to see thematic control of each text individually and control of how they are logically connected.

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