HW due 2/3: Slaughterhouse Five

Welcome Back! Here’s to a great second term!

1. Slaughterhouse Five–In your binder write three substantive statements about some aspect of the novel! Each statement should reflect opinion/insight! So, do not merely state:

Vonnegut uses the serenity prayer to allude to religion. (Of course it is an allusion and yes, it is a religious reference.) This is not a substantive statement. However:

Vonnegut’s ironic use of the serenity prayer suggests that the disarming nature of religion perpetuates the cyclical nature of war. (This is not a mere observation. This is certainly opinionated and reflects a deeper understanding of the novel. Naturally, I must be able to support and develop this idea.).

So, write THREE substantive insightful statements about the novel. They need not be related to each other.

2. Clean out your binder for tomorrow! Don’t throw stuff away; just set it aside in your room. You never know when you may need it!

3. Be prepared to discuss Slaughterhouse Five tomorrow!

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