HW due 12/21: Writing Workshop

1. 1984 Writing Prep–In class we came up with a healthy list of devices/elements worth analyzing. This weekend I want you to create at least three “marriages” of those devices. For each “marriage” you should pair at least two devices that work together (But feel free to bring more than two together in marriage. Hey, we are progressive!).  For each of the three marriages, you must explain in detail why you paired/grouped them.

For instance, I might bring the paperweight and Winston’s internal conflict together. I think have to explain how the two have a meaningful marriage. Perhaps, Orwell uses the paperweight to illustrate the evolution of Winston’s internal conflict. If so, then why does that evolution matter? What is the greater significance?

Or, perhaps I marry manipulation of language (i.e. newspeak), manipulation of thought, and the motif of dreams. Why this trio? How does one help to inform the other? Do the three work together in the development of theme? If so, how?

2. Intro Review–You were given a handout with two sample 1984 introductions. Both introductions are well done!  This weekend read the first and note the positive elements of the intro. Why would I say it is done well? Why is the intro necessary? We are very good at identifying weaknesses in the writing of others; now, let’s see if we can find strengths.

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