HW due 12/2: Steppenwolf

1. Steppenwolf–Read and annotate up to p. 174 (Stop at “‘My friends, I have invited you to an entertainment that Harry has long wished for…”).

2. More details to come on the insight paper and the term final.

3. Keep in mind, the due date for your creative final is Dec. 16th!

Due Date: December 16

  • You have an option of doing either a written or visual piece.
  • Your subject: The human condition/existentialism
  • Your angle: The subject as communicated by those whom we’ve read or the subject as seen entirely through your unique, subjective lens (a complement to your insight paper).
  • Your means of communication: Written (short story or play; approximately 10 pages) or Visual (or a combination of the two)… In deciding between written or visual, you should choose the one that will allow you the best opportunity for creative success here. Note, only choose the visual route if your visual will be nothing short of extraordinary :) and the same goes for the written route…
  • In short, your creative piece presents you with another means through which to communicate an understanding of this course.

To earn an A on the Creative Project, your project must:

  • Entice audience with original, innovative and daring use of ideas, images, language, plot and various literary or visual devices
  • Demonstrate a clear purpose that is accessible to the audience
  • Demonstrate expert use of literary and/or artistic form and devices
  • Demonstrate powerful use of sensory images
  • Demonstrate excellent effort and profundity

Artist’s statement:

Why did you choose to represent this piece in this way? Here discuss the technical decisions in creating your image (i.e. lighting, composition, etc.)

How does the creation of art make you feel? What emotions do you wish to convey? Here, you also connect the image back to the course (textual connection, thematic connection, etc).  Discuss how your creative project is thematically relevant.  What message are you trying to convey to the viewer/reader?

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