HW due 1/21: High School Poem

1. Final Poem of the Term! Theme: High School. As for rhyme and rhythm, that is completely up to you. Just as you have been doing all term, I want you to put deliberate thought into the creation of each line of verse. The poem must be complemented by either a visual (i.e. painting, drawing, film, dance, photo, etc.), sound (i.e. instrument, beat boxing, etc.), or prose. This is due Tuesday!

2. Thursday, you will post the following poems to the class forum. So gather them and prepare them for posting:

  • An Emotion
  • Villanelle
  • Confessional
  • Elegy
  • Activist (Harlem Ren)
  • Modernist Gratitude
  • Imagist
  • Beat
  • Spoken Word
  • Essence
  • High School
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