HW due 11/2: Duino Elegy and Romanticism

1. Love is Just a Four Letter Word–Print, read, and annotate the linked poem/song. This provides a great example of how Romantic ideals can be applied more abstractly. Your annotations should reflect this.
2. Create an emulation poem. This does not mean you have to write a classic romantic poem; take inspiration from the themes, ideas, and social implication of romanticism we talked about in class. Use creative liberty. The poem you are reading is a great example of this idea.
3. Be prepared to discuss Duino Elegy #3!
4. Original Elegy–Your elegy should be completed by Wednesday, 11/4! Remember, in spirit of Romanticism, you are expected to weave nature into the poem. This does not mean that nature has to be the focus of the piece. There is one structural requirement: you should maintain a “near meter” throughout the poem. You choose the meter and each line of verse should be “near” that meter. Generally, each Duino Elegy is near hexameter.

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