HW due 1/11: The Trial and Research

1. The Trial–Read and annotate up to p. 183! There will be a quiz on the last few readings Monday. In our remaining days together, discussions of The Trial will be fewer in number, so I look forward to spirited discussions when we do have them.

I will try to give you two periods next week to work toward your term final! So, that leaves us with a total of 5 class periods. Let’s get the most out of them! If someone would like to share their insight paper please email me. Also, if you would like to share a song and a story, let me know! So little time!!!

2. Research/Thesis–While your term final is an analysis of Steppenwolf/The Trial, you are expected to use philosophical/psychoanalytical source material to give depth/shape to your discussion. Remember, your essay essentially answers the question, “What is Hesse/Kafka’s commentary on the human condition?” Certainly, there are multiple and surely some overlap… You focus on one! Again, closely read the assignment sheet.

You can only begin research if you have a sense of your thesis. If you do not have a sense of your thesis, then work on that this weekend! Caveat: If you are thinking about using The Trial, do no thesis work or research; Rather, keep reading! 🙂

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