HW due 1/11: Slaughterhouse Five and 1984 Intros

1. 1984 Introductions–First drafts are due Monday! This should be typed!

More Tips (Don’t feel as though you have to cover all below in your intro):

  • Start fast!
  • Set up the issue being argued. Yet, allow the body of your essay to flesh out the argument.
  • Provide necessary background or context. The context or framework makes your thesis interesting.
  • The intro should establish what you found interesting and why.
  • Hook the reader with the opening line. Yet, do not try to be cute or clever. Rather, employ a thematically meaningful hook. An in-text so what should feature a more direct text-based opening line.

2. Slaughterhouse Five–Read and annotate Chapter 3.
3. Remember, each group must turn in a prospectus Tuesday!

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