Due 11/9: Poetry Readings

1. (Due 11/9) Readings–A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe, Come, Walk With Me by Emily Bronte, and O Me! O Life! and I Sit and Look Out by Walt Whitman. AND the two poems assigned by today’s presenting group.

2. (Due 11/10) Emotion Poem–Consider this an exercise in getting to know one another and an exercise in conscious manipulation of sound in our poetry. First choose the subject for you poem. That subject must be the feeling/emotion with which you are most closely acquainted (Shout out to LD!). Let’s consider feelings/emotions as people. Which one do you know best? Give it life in poetic form. The one condition in this poem is that you must manipulate sound in your poem. So, pay attention to the sound of your piece.

Poetry Seminar
#5: Emotion

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