Due 11/3: Nausea

1. Nausea–Read and annotate the following sections:

  • (54-57) Begin with “I turn left and, through the Rue des Voiliers…” Stop at 7:00 p.m.
  • (61-70) Bottom of the page: “My Dear Antoine—” Stop with “Wednesday” on p. 70.

Keep in mind, that prior to 61 we learn that Antoine hasn’t heard from Anny in five years. He also says that he will undoubtedly see Anny.

FYI, notable sections skipped prior to p. 54:

  • P. 40 (First three paragraphs)
  • P. 45 (First full paragraph)
  • PP. 46-50 (Idle banter) “My neighbors are silent.”
  • P. 52 (The “little movement” paragraph)
  • P. 53 (“A gas lamp glowed”)
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