Due 11/23: America

1. Reading–Please be sure to bring to class all poems read in the last two weeks.
2. Writing–Next theme, America. Please be thoughtful and more than ever I expect to see more thought given to how you create meaning in this poem. Keep in mind that poetry rests on image and figures; so too, should your poetry. Rhyme and meter is up to you; but, I challenge you to cater to at least one in this poem. Avoid writing a piece that is comprised entirely of literal verse.

(Due 11/22) Surprise: Gratitude Letters!!! Yes, in the spirit of being thankful, please write (handwritten preferably) a letter to someone for whom you are grateful. Thank them and let them know why you are thankful. Be heartfelt. Write your name at the bottom of the letter. Ideally, this letter would be to an adult in the building (excluding me). Put the letter in an envelope and write the recipient’s name on the outside of the envelope.

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