Due 11/22: Precis and Gratitude

1. Precis–The first precis is due 11/22. The next two precis are due 12/1. The final creative piece is due 12/12. Keep in mind when choosing sources: Do not choose three sources that communicate the same information. The three sources should work together to provide you with added depth of understanding of your issue. You must include the source article (including highlights/underlines) and you must have a title. Sample title:

Precis: (Title of Article)

2. (Due 11/22) Surprise: Gratitude Letters!!! Yes, in the spirit of being thankful, please write (handwritten preferably) a letter to someone for whom you are grateful. Thank them and let them know why you are thankful. Be heartfelt. Write your name at the bottom of the letter (However, if you insist that it be anonymous, please write your name on a post it and put that on the outside of the envelope. Ideally, this letter would be to an adult in the building (excluding me). Put the letter in an envelope and write the recipient’s name on the outside of the envelope.

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