Due 10/24: Villanelle and Readings

1. Villanelle–Remember, this is a fixed form poem! Your villanelle should mirror Dylan Thomas’. It should be typed. You must closely follow the form requirements of the villanelle. Including:

  • 19 lines of verse (5 tercets and 1 quatrain)
  • Rhyme scheme
  • Set number of syllables/beats per line (iambic pentameter)
  • Don’t forget the refrains! The fist and third line of verse repeat throughout and follow a specific pattern.

Use proper heading (Which some of you are still struggling with):

Sean Leon (your name of course)
Poetry Seminar
#3: Villanelle

2. Bring in a clean copy of the poem you used for your explication.

3. Readings–She Walks in Beauty and My Soul is Dark by Lord Byron; Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats

3. Review expectations for oral and written components of group presentations.

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