Due 10/17: The Bell Jar and More…

REMINDER: You must bring printed copies of all forum responses into class. 

1. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapters 7-8.

2. Class Forum (Due 10/18 for 10H)–Post your final thesis and accompanying topic sentences onto the class forum. Again, bring a printed copy of this response into class.

3. Class Vocab–Print and familiarize yourself with the first class vocab list.

4. Confessional Poetry–The linked reading is quite brief, yet gives us a sense of the nature of confessional poetry. Monday, we will talk about our own confessional poems!


  • Honest and Authentic
  • Free verse is fine
  • You must use stanzaic form
  • Pay attention to sound as you write
  • You must employ “painterly language” and literary devices (i.e. vivid imagery, metaphor, symbolism, motifs, etc)
  • Write from the inside out
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