Course Overview

SiddharthaWelcome to Sophomore English!  Recognizing both contextual (i.e. historical, biographical, cultural) and formalist (i.e. literary devices, techniques, elements) approaches to literature, English 10 requires a more informed and insightful discussion of literary craft.  Through the study of craft, students make grammatical and stylistic choices in their writing in order to produce clarity, concision and cohesion ultimately leading to more purposeful, powerful, and elegant prose. In addition to analytical essays, students complete written and visual creative projects that provide another means of literary interpretation as well as self-expression.

 The overarching theme for 10th grade English is society and the individual.  As we move beyond the concept of self and transformation, we will shift focus to society and the role(s) we play in the grander scheme of existence.  While many of our protagonists are involved in personal journeys, society’s role in their journeys takes on a more prominent role in each text. Discourse in English 10 will explore the relationship between society and the individual with an emphasis on the post-industrial Western world. We will explore the disenfranchisement and alienation of the individual in this world. This, we see in the literature we read this year.  We will then consider what can be done to revisit Donne’s “free flow of ideas” thereby empowering others and ourselves. Ideally, using literature as a critical lens through which we examine our world and our selves, we realize the transformative power of literature.Notes from Underground

As your English teacher, I assure you I will feature a learning environment that will allow for a productive, creative, and enjoyable school year.  This course syllabus will outline the guidelines and expectations for the class as well as give you some insight into what will be covered during the school year.  It will be available all year right here on!

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