5/24: Spoken Word

1. Awaiting the homework assignment from today’s group, but I do recall them asking us to choose a subject about which we feel passionate. Due Thursday, a spoken word poem on that subject!

Due 5/22: Poet Study

1. Poet Study–Continue working on your poet study.

Due 5/18: Poet Study Prep

1. Poet Study–Use tonight to work toward your first draft which is due June 5th.

Due 5/16: Black Arts

1. Awaiting the homework email from today’s presenting group.

Due 5/11: Beat Poem

1. Writing–Original beat poems! Your beat poem should reflect what you know to be true about beat poetry in terms of theme, voice, style, and form. So, when we hear or read your poem, it should be clear that this is a beat poem. One very specific requirement though: you should get funky with form (i.e. Dog).


Sean Leon (Your name!)
Poetry Seminar
9. Beat Poem