College Essay by EH, 2012

“Here, Atticus!” I say, indicating a dropped piece of bread on the floor. He stares at me, head cocked, ears akimbo. I tap with my foot the exact spot where the bread lies. Nothing. Not even a twitch. [Read more…]

College Essay by KA, 2010

My taste buds help to define my world.  Food occupies a central place in my life. More than an essential ingredient for existence, it has become a lens through which I learn and evolve.  I have always been enthusiastic about exploring different foods – from tiramisu to smelts.  However, this passion extends to a world beyond the confines of a plate.  My love and understanding of food teaches me about the world, my community, and myself. [Read more…]

College Essay by MB, 2010

I thought it was nothing more than pure noise, and I could not understand what anyone heard in it.  The first time I listened to it, its dense mix of obscure influences ranging from contemporary classical to electronic dance music confounded me.  I thought it was nothing more than pure noise and I could not understand what anyone heard in it.   It was unlike any music I had ever heard before, and I did not know what to make of it.  Lying on my bed wearing headphones, listening to Radiohead’s album Kid A for the first time, I never thought that it would completely change the way I view music, art in general, and life. [Read more…]

College Essay by NS, 2011

Wandering the halls of my elementary school as a kindergartener, I remember reading “Bush for president” written on a poster taped to the pastel-colored walls. With pure childlike innocence, I wondered why anyone would vote for Bush. Little did I know that four years later, I would be parading around my house, school, and playground celebrating his reelection. [Read more…]

College Essay by EA, 2011

I was born a philosopher, born an individual with a deep passion to think. I am driven by this passion, sometimes even plagued by my desire to think, to reflect, and to understand, because most aspects of our human reality are not so simply understood, some are even impossible, or at least seem impossible to understand—but nonetheless, I embrace every moment. I spend my afternoons pondering why I am E__, how I came to be, who I am, and what that means. I wonder what about humanity, the human condition, the collective, whatever you may call it; I wonder what it is about who we are that makes me and every other individual so unique. And I wonder whether an answer even exists. [Read more…]