5/24: Spoken Word

1. Awaiting the homework assignment from today’s group, but I do recall them asking us to choose a subject about which we feel passionate. Due Thursday, a spoken word poem on that subject!

Due 5/24: Steppenwolf

1. Steppenwolf–Read and annotate up to p. 164!
2. PBA Prep–You would be wise to begin searching for your outside sources. And to make things just a wee bit easier for you, two of the sources must be sources not read in class and one can be one that we have read together.

Due 5/24: Godot and PBA

1. Waiting for Godot–Complete Act I.
2. PBA Prep–Continue working on your PBA thesis. You must have a new version of your thesis tomorrow (unless you have heard otherwise from me personally).

Due 5/23: Steppenwolf

1. Steppenwolf–Read and annotate up to p. 147. (Stop with “In the short interval between the time…”)

Due 5/23: Thesis Statements and Godot

1. Class Forum–Post your thesis statement!
2. Waiting for Godot–Read up to p. 35 (stop after Lucky’s monologue). Referring to Lucky’s monologue, Beckett said, “The threads and themes of the play are being gathered together.” Keep that in mind. Good luck!
3. By the end of the week, everyone should have summarized my essay feedback.