Archives for May 8, 2017

Due 5/9: No Exit

1. No Exit–Read and annotate up to p. 32 (stop with Estelle’s long monologue).

Due 5/9: Steppenwolf

1. Steppenwolf–Read and annotate up to p. 40, just before the Treatise. If you want to begin reading the treatise, help yourself. You will read it for Wednesday (up to p. 66)

Due 5/9: Beat Poets

1. Beat Poet–Write down 2-3 words you associate with each of the words on the board from the end of class. Then write a stream of consciousness poem inspired by these words (listen to some jazz while doing it, unless you don’t like having fun).

The American Dream

2. Read and annotate Dog by Lawrence Ferlinghetti